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Tools for Hiring

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The Salary Question

“What am I worth in today’s market?” and “what is the typical compensation for that type of candidate?” are two of the most common questions asked of recruiters during the job search and hiring processes.  The answers are rarely cut and dry. 

Many factors must be considered when developing realistic salary expectations and creating competitive compensation packages
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When it's Time to Hire

Hiring can be a daunting task.  Our ability to hire the right person for a job greatly influences our organization’s chances for success.  As managers, not only are we expected to be technically proficient in our areas of expertise, we are also expected to hire, develop, and lead our teams.  Due to the infrequent nature with which many of us actually have to conduct the hiring process, even the most talented leaders may be challenged locating and hiring the right person when they’re needed most.  

Outlined in this booklet are a number of tools we can use to improve
 our abilities to hire the best - and increase our organization’s chances for success!
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Developing an Interview Plan

An organization's hiring process is at the foundation, and decides the strength of its most valuable asset - its people.

There are many steps in an effective hiring process.  One of these steps, the interview, is probably the most important aspect of the hiring process.  No matter whether an interview lasts for thirty minutes or three hours, it's the best way to gather valuable information from a candidate.

As an interviewer, you're responsible for gathering pertinent information, obtaining opinions, and then forming an impression as to the individual's potential for success within the organization and the position being filled.
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